Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Projek Uyun Hayah...

Singgap jap..walaupun bz ngan keje uyun hayah sebelum mata ku 'offline' apalah sgt aku bz ngan uyun hayah ni..banyak perkara yang perlu diselesaikan bila dah jadi setiaberusahakerja yang banyak melibatkan coding,design,editor tah macam2 lah..kadang2 kuat sangat mujahadah ni jadi apa kejadah lak..ni gara2 mengikuti team pemusnah SAKA..aku cuba wat note yang telah ujikaji keberkesanannya !!

Ok..bagaimana nak buat rubber stamps effect pakai adobe photoshop..hehe

1-New Document

Create a new 300 x 300 pixel document, with white background and black foreground.

2-Add Type

First we'll create the outer ring of type - Add a short line of type, for this example I used the boring but ever-present "Arial"

3-Wrap Text

Double click the text layer, and select "Warp Text" from the font options. Set the style to Arc / Horizontal / Bend 100%. You'll end up with a curved type.

4- Duplicate and rotate

Next, Duplicate the type layer and rotate the new layer 180 degrees - Edit->Transform->Rotate 180. Move the second layer so you have a decent circle like this:

5- Create outer ring

For the outer ring, First create a new layer. Check to make sure your feather selection is at 0px, and draw a circle outside the text with the Ellitical Marquee tool.

Nudge the selection to make sure its centered, and apply a border by using 5px black stroke - Edit->Stroke->5px.


Draw another circle around the inside of the text using the same procedure, the result should look like:

(I used a thinner stroke for the inside circle, it's up to you).

7-Main logo text

Now for the main logo. Create a new layer, and either add a graphic or create some Type. This example uses the Arial-Black black font, at around 72pt. At this point you're pretty much ready to go.

8-Add noise

To add the broken "chop" effect, we just need to add some texture. Create a new layer (make sure it's the top layer), and add some clouds by selecting Filter->Render->Clouds. Then add some noise by selecting Filter->Noise->Add Noise.

9-Change blend mode

Finally, select the new noise layer, and change the blending mode to "screen". This will give our passport chop some texture. That's it!


For the final example, I made a merged copy and rotated.( select all, Edit->Copy Merged, Edit->Paste, Edit->Transform->Rotate )


Cam ni pun leh dipakai terima gak hohoho

In this tutorial, we will create an effect that looks like a stamp created using those rubber ink stamps..

Start a new document, large enough to place your stamp on. For this tutorial, I am using 250x150.

Now, select RED as your foreground color, and your background color to BLACK

Then use the type tool and type in your text. Use a bold font, I used Arial Black, size 50px.

Now go to Layer » Rasterize » Type - this will convert the vector text to bmp.

Now use the rectangular marquee tool

and make a selection AROUND the text....

Now go to Edit » Stroke

Then you can deselect the selection by pressing CTRL+D

Now apply this filter:
Filter » Brush Stroke » Spatter.
Spray Radius: 17
Smoothness: 5

Note: These settings can vary.. depending on how washed out you want the stamp to look

Go to Select » Color range, then use the color picker to select the BLACK from your stamp.

What we've just done is select ALL the black spots on the stamp so we can delete it from our stamp.. creating the stamp effect.

So with the selection selected, hit DELETE .. you can hit delete several times to make sure its all deleted.

Sumber : http://www.thedesignworld.com/photoshop-tutorials/text-effects/passport-stamp/



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