Tuesday, February 2, 2010

how to backup vbulletin

can do it 2 way
1 is from ur admin panel of ur forum
2 is from ur hosting controlpanel

if u choose admin panel of ur forum then u sud follow the steps:

> Maintenance

Database Backup

> scroll down until u find:
Backup database to a file on the server

> then either u choose a directory or just save as default and to do it just click on Save

> then go to ur hosting control panel and > File Manager > look for the name of the file u saved from ur admin panel > download it from there and save it to ur Hard Drvie

But easier and faster way would be from Control Panel and to do it follow the steps below:

> Go to ur hosting control panel: if u dont know how then in ur browser type www.ursite.com/controlpanel and hit enter

> Click on Back icon/text (it sud be in the index page or controlpanel

> Then click on the sql name and save it to ur Hard Drvice also u can save the hole back up of ur hosting by clicking on Download homepage backup

> finnaly you sud make a back up of ur entier hosting and to to id: Click on Download Full back up button > generate backup > then download it from the same page


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